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Adrian Coyne



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Adam  Hennessy

D.O.B:May 13 2000
Position:Wing Forward
Which team do you look forward to playing the most and why?Nemo,always a good game
Biggest influence on my career:My Dad
Most memorable game as a player:U 16 County Semi Final v Nemo
Least memorable game as a player:U 16 County Final v Beara
Best Footballer you have ever seen:Aidan o Shea
Favourite sport besides football:Soccer
Favourite band or musician:Do EOS
If there was a transfer market, who would you buy for St. Michaels:Buff Egan
If you could change anything about the game what would it be:Referees
You may not know it but I'm actually good at:Fifa
Best invention ever:Coca Cola


2017 Minor Footballer

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