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Position:Half Back
Which team do you look forward to playing the most and why?I find it easy to motivate myself for any of the city teams, like Douglas or the Barrs. It’s nice to have the bragging rights over any of my friends on them teams.
Biggest influence on my career:Definitely making the move from forward to back when I was minor. Cheers, John Murphy!
Most memorable game as a player:Ballincollig in the under 16 county league final. We would have been the underdogs beforehand and managed to beat them.
Least memorable game as a player:Losing to Passage in junior championship last year from 2 late goals.
Best Footballer you have ever seen:I’m a big fan of Michael Murphy from Donegal. Absolute tank of a man who’s an absolute baller as well.
Favourite sport besides football:I’m a handy soccer player but I it would have to be hurling.
Favourite band or musician:I’m a big fan of Oasis.
If there was a transfer market, who would you buy for St. Michaels:Aidan O Shea. He is one of the main reasons why Mayo are so strong over recent years.
If you could change anything about the game what would it be:Take away the black card unless it’s a scoring opportunity.
You may not know it but I'm actually good at:Juggling
Best invention ever:Netflix has filled many boring nights for me!

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