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D.O.B:Early 60's
Position:Midfield / Bench
Which team do you look forward to playing the most and why? Any team that has a midfielder older and slower than me, unfortunately we haven't met that team yet tho!
Biggest influence on my career:Brian Mullins
Most memorable game as a player:Winning the Intermediate Football Championship Final with my home club Beaufort at aged 16 in what was my first ever game of Senior Football
Least memorable game as a player:When i thought i was the best player on the pitch but was asked the next day was i playing
Best Footballer you have ever seen: Dale O'Neill without a shadow of doubt.
Favourite sport besides football:Hurling, I love the small ball
Favourite band or musician:Arcade Fire
If there was a transfer market, who would you buy for St. Michaels:Any of the Dub's who won 6 in a row. i loved that team!! I actually dream about that team.. best ever in my books
If you could change anything about the game what would it be:Make the pitch smaller as I only run around the middle anyway
You may not know it but I'm actually good at:Selling tickets down the Páirc and slowing down the ball around the middle
Best invention ever:The camán

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